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March 2018
[ NVMe IP ] Support PLDA PCIe Gen3 Soft IP
Design Gateway NVMe-IP solutions now support PLDA PCIe Soft IP for Xilinx device. Enabling the unique high performance and cost-effective NVMe Host Controller solution for FPGA data storage application, especially, NVMe PCIe Gen3 support for the low-cost & high performance device family such as Kintex-7 and Zynq UltraScale+ device without embedded PCIe Gen3 Hard IP. The performance evaluation demo on Xilinx ZCU102 is available before purchasing. (For Intel, coming soon)

NVMe-IP + PLDA PCIe IP demo on Xilinx ZCU102

Learn more for Xilinx Learn more for Intel

About PLDA
PLDA has been successfully delivering PCI and PCI Express IP for 20 years. With over 6,200 licenses, PLDA has established a vast customer base and the world’s broadest PCIe ecosystem. PLDA has maintained its leadership over four generations of PCI Express specifications, enabling customers to reduce risk and accelerate time to market for their ASIC and FPGA based designs. PLDA provides a complete PCIe solution with its IP cores, FPGA boards for ASIC prototyping, PCIe BFM/testbench, PCIe drivers and APIs. PLDA is a global company with offices in North America (San Jose, California), Europe (France, Italy, Bulgaria) and Asia (Taiwan).
PLDAPLDA website
About PCIe IP "XpressRICH3 IP"
NVMe IP core Option
Release M.2-FMC adapter board for NVMe-IP core!!
M.2-FMC adapter board for NVMe-IP evaluation. Able to connect up to 2 NVMe SSDs. * SSD is not included.
AB Series page

Release Linux Driver Reference design
Ultra high-speed data recording to SSD is handled by NVMe-IP core without CPU, then Linux driver read the data from SSD to analyze it by Linux application on SoC device. It is suitable for stand-alone data recording-analysis system. Free evaluation on Intel Arria 10 SX is available now.

FAT32 access without CPU
The system can manage data as files and share files with computer. It is effective and easy for you to use data and apply for any applications. Free evaluation on Intel Arria 10 SX/GX and Xilinx KCU105/ZC706 are available now.

High performance with Micron 9200 the largest-capacity enterprise NVMe SSD
NVMe-IP achieves high performance and large capacity 6.4TB transmission with Micron Enterprise SSD 9200 MAX.
NVMe-IP with Micron 9200 SSD is suitable for high-performance and large-capacity application such as 4K/8K high-resolution high-speed recording system.
NVMe-IP with Micron 9200 SSD demo on youtube
Learn more about NVMe-IP

SATA-IP achieves over 4500MB/sec ultra high-speed transmission with 8ch RAID0
SATA-IP with Host controller IP (HCTL-IP) and 8ch RAID0design achieves ultra high-speed sustain rate transmission. The performance reaches to Write 4100MB/sec and Read 4500MB/s on ZUC102 with Samsung SSD850Pro 8pcs. Learn more about SATA-IP

Watch SATA-IP + 8ch RAID0 demo on ZCU102

Technical Updates
Date: Mar 6-9, 2018
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VCOM 2018
Date: Apr 4-6, 2018
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productronica China 2018
Date: Mar 14-16, 2018
Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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SEMICON China 2018
Date: Mar 14-16, 2018
Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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