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August 2018
[ NVMe IP core ] New additional features are released
NVMe IP core New additional features are released. The new release version supports SMART, FLUSH and Shutdown custom commands, and also supports 4K sector format for large scale SSDs. It is possible for user to handle more advanced SSD control and develop more high-valued ultra high-speed storage application products. The performance evaluation demo on Intel and Xilinx FPGA boards are available before purchasing. (For more detail, please visit DesignGateway website)

Learn more for Xilinx Learn more for Intel

Presentation for Xilinx Presentation for Intel

KCU105 demo on YouTube Arria10 SX demo on YouTube
Rich Features of NVMe IP core
SMART Command
SSD health condition check such as internal temperature and total write size are available to contribute to life estimation of SSD and judgment of appropriate replacement timing.

FLUSH Command
User can adjust trade-off between performance and data evacuation.

Safe Shutdown
IP-core executes safe shutdown by user request.

Automatic 4K sector format support
Supports both 512bytes and 4Kbytes sector format. IP core automatically selects sector format via Identify command.

Technical Updates
NEPCON South China 2018
Date: Aug 28-30, 2018
Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China
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