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September 2016
[ SDLink ] Just a few second to program FPGA configuration data!
SDLink is a high speed FPGA configuration module which stores data on microSD card. By swapping microSD, FPGA configuration data is accordingly updated.
  • High availability,High capacity and High-speed programming (max.25MByte/s)
  • Easy to update the circuit by just swapping microSD
View SDLink demo video on youtube
SDLink solves all configuration problems for Huge scale FPGAs!!
Ultra High-Speed Programming!!
Just 3 second to program 20MBytes(=160Mbit) configuration data. (comparison with on board flash, it takes about 7 minutes...)

Only one SDLink can configure up to 8 FPGAs at same time.
More information about High-Speed programming & Configuration here!!

[ IPLock ] IP core Logic Security System
IPLock is FPGA logic security system which used very reliable AES encryption technology. IP properties in FPGA are protected from illegal copy by only including IP Lock in FPGA and connecting with encryption controller chip.View IPLock demo video on youtube

Importance of IP protection is increasing more and more!!
Easy to protect your IP core!
  • Step1: Prepare SOIC-8 pattern for security chip on your board
  • Step2: When you need FPGA logic protection, purchase IPLock product
  • Step3: Compile your FPGA logic with IPLock core
  • Step4: Put IPLock security chip on FPGA board
  • Step5: Complete IP core protection!
Easy & Safety to lend/provide FPGA product and IP core license to clients!!

More Information about Strong Security of IPLock here!!

Performance Demo Video Clips
[ NVMe IP] PCIe GEN3 Demo on Arria 10 SX
Support Arria 10 SX SoC FPGA!!
Ultra High-Speed Read=over 2200MB/sec, Write=over 1500MB/sec !! For More Information about NVMe-IP
Demo on Youtube

[ TOE10G IP] Full Duplex Demo on Arria 10 SX
Support Arria 10 SX SoC FPGA!!
Ultra High-Speed Tx = over 1.1GB/sec, Rx = over 1.2GB/sec!!
For More Information about TOE10G-IP
Demo on Youtube

[ IFTD16 ] Intel FPGA Technology Day 2016 in Singapore
DesignGateway joined Intel FPGA Technology Day 2016 (IFTD16) in Singapore as Altera DSN partner. Arria 10 SX SoC device supports NVMe-IP, TOE10G-IP and SATA-IP. Altera DSN page

Info Security Russia
Date: 20 - 22 September 2016
Place: Crocus Expo
More information here
Electronica India
Date: 21 23 September 2016
Place:Bangalore International Exhibition Centre
More information here

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