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February 2018
[ SATA IP core ] Rich Option with SATA-IP for various SATA applications!!
SATA IP core is high-reliability and high performance for many customers. DesignGateway provides enhanced options for various user applications with SATA. Host controller IP (HCTL-IP) all pure hardware logic realizes the best performance, AHCI IP core for SoC device supports Linux system, and FAT32-IP and exFAT file system to exchange files between FPGA and PC. We can provide the best solution for your SATA application.

For more detail: SATA-IP Related Products Selection Guide

Learn More for Xilinx Learn More for Intel
Provide Suitable Options for your SATA application !!
The best performance
High-speed sustain rate
SATA access from Linux FPGA-PC data exchange

(SATA Host Controller IP)


FAT32-IP or
exFAT Reference design

Whole control for SATA-IP with pure hard-wired logic, and can reduce CPU as well as can provide the best performance and minimum latency

AHCI adapter function that is necessary to access from Linux OS via AHCI device driver. For SOC devices.

FAT32-IP: Manage FAT32 file system by pure hard-wired logic together with HCTL-IP.
exFAT: provided by CPU firmware
* All solution requires SATA-IP core.
Selection Guide to choose the most suitable option for your system

SATA-IP and TOE10G-IP support Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ !!
SATA IP and TOE10G IP are ready to evaluate on Xiinx Zynq Ultrascale+ FPGA (ZCU102) before purchasing.
Watch SATA IP 4ch RAID demo on Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ (ZCU102)

Learn more about SATA IP
Learn more about TOE10G IP

Technical Updates


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Mobile World Congress 2018
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Place: Barcelona, Spain
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