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September 2018
[ SATA IP ] Scalably Enhance more Speed & Storage capacity with RAID0 Reference Design!!
SATA IP core is high-reliability and high performance for many customers and has rich options for various user applications. One of advantage of SATA IP core is able to scalably to enhance transmission speed and storage capacity of your system with RAID0 reference design. Host controller IP (HCTL-IP) all pure hardware logic realizes the best performance with RAID system. We can provide the best solution for your SATA application.

For more detail: SATA-IP Related Products Selection Guide

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RAID System for Xilinx RAID System for Intel
SATA IP core - Suitable solution for RAID system
High-Efficiency Loss less RAID system
The intelligent RAID controller specifically designed for SATA IP core realizes loss less RAID system. it is scalable expansion of storage capacity & speed.

Small Resource Usage
Resource consumption of single SATA IP core is very small, so it effects to saving total resource of multi-channels.

RAID0 free Reference Design
4ch (or 8ch) RAID0 reference design for Xilinx/Intel FPGA boards are free provided with IP core license. User can confirm core operation with original reference design, and then modify a little to approach final user product. It provides no risk to back to re-build and able to develop for short term.

Adapter boards for RAID development
Design Gateway provides FMC-10ch SATA adapter board(AB09-FMCRAID) and HSMC-8ch SATA adapter board for IP core performance evaluation on Xilinx/Intel FPGA boards. These are also useful for RAID system development after IP core purchasing. These adapter boards are available on Mouser.
Design Gateway joins Intel FPGA Technology Day 2018
Design Gateway joins Intel FPGA Technology Day 2018 in Seoul, Shenzhen and Tokyo. We will show IP core demonstrations on Arria 10 SX SoC board.

Sep 6, 2018 in Seoul * Uniquest Booth
Sep 17, 2018 in Shenzhen
Sep 21, 2018 in Tokyo

Technical Updates

Intel FPGA Technology Day 2018 Shenzhen
Date: Sep 17, 2018
Place: The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
More Information
Design Gateway joins the exhibition.

Intel FPGA Technology Day 2018 TOKYO
Date: Sep 21, 2018
Place: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
More Information
Design Gateway joins the exhibition.

Date: Sep 12-14, 2018
Place: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
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Date: Sep 26-28, 2018
Place: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
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Electronica India
Date: Sep 26-28, 2018
Place: BIEC Bengaluru, India
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