Is 100G ethernet worth upgrade?

As Ethernet connections have played an important role in New Normal life during pandemic time.We use the internet in various categories such as video conferences and remote working. Work from home policy cannot be successful without the internet. Therefore, it is time for consideration whether to upgrade infrastructure to be 100G ethernet or not.

Benefits of 100G ethernet

100G ethernet is not necessary from a household perspective but it affects a lot for Internet Service Providers(ISP) or Tech companies who provide online services, such as Zoom. It clearly has two benefits of upgrading to 100G ethernet which are the speed of data and cost’s reduction.

First of all, the speed of data is a significant issue for ISP. People are frustrated from waiting ages for downloading video or data especially when it is a high quality video or a huge amount of data. So, upgrading 100G could make ISP meet the customer’s satisfaction.

Next, Cost’s reduction directly affects the profits of ISP. For example, there is a requirement of 100G ethernet. There are roughly three options for now. The first option is 10G ethernet 10 sets. The second option is 25G ethernet 4 sets. The third option is 1 set of 100G ethernet. The average price of ethernet card for option 1 is approximately 3000 dollars and the second option is roughly 2500 dollars meanwhile the third option costs around 2000 dollars. Therefore, 1 set of 100G ethernet is the best choice in this case.

Application of 100G ethernet

For now, 100G ethernet mostly applies for infrastructure’s usage such as ISP or data centres. It is suitable for transfering a gigantic amount of data between points. A gigantic amount of data is created from several users downloading a huge file at the same time through the same ISP. For instancem, 8K video 30 fps with 12 bits colour (could be high quality movie) is a full load of 10G ethernet. Consequently, it can be assumed that a household consumes 10G ethernet maximum speed at a time. So, 100G ethernet is only required at ISP.


Ethernet has become a crucial factor of human life in New Normal behavior. People are using a lot of activity over the internet. Demand for 100G ethernet in ISP is a result of tons of users accessing huge data through the same ISP. So, ISP should consider upgrading their infrastructure to 100G ethernet. Because, it has two main benefits which are cost saving and increasing speed. For nowadays, the only application of 100G ethernet is for transferring a massive amount of data between ISP because a household usage is estimated as full load of 10G ethernet.