Upgrading from 10G to 25G

In the past few years, an upgrade from 1G ethernet to 10G would have been amazing. Due to the fact that it is 10 times faster than the old ethernet generation. but it costs your arms and legs. However, the demand never stops. It is time for an upgrade. The question is to which speed 25G, 40G or 100G. This article will talk about an upgrade from 10G to 25G.

Upgrading from 10G to 25G

It is a cost efficient way to increase the speed by comparing upgrading to 40G or 100G. Because upgrading to 40G or 100G, it needs to change the whole system from physical level, transceiver and cable. On the other hand, upgrading from 10G to 25G requires only changing transceivers and cable which is cheaper than replacing a new physical level. Most transceivers and cables in the market support multi-speed between 10G and 25G.For example, sfp10g/25g-csr-s from cisco is a transceive support 10G and 25G combining with cable OM3 or OM4 Fiber optic (850nm) as shown in picture below.

thanks for the picture from https://www.fs.com

Therefore, users are able to use it whether with 10G ethernet or 25G ethernet. Furthermore, it uses the same form factors. So, you do not have to worry about the size of the port. It fits your port for sure. Next, the ethernet card should be upgraded, if you are using only a 10G ethernet card. For instance, Intel XXV710 25G SFP28 PCIx3 is a good choice because it supports speed from 1G – 25G.

Application for 25G UDP

UDP is the protocol to transfer data with loss acceptable. Most applications are streaming which is popular now. In the new normal behavior, people are using streaming a lot, not only for business purposes such as meeting but also entertainment which is watching a movie. Nowadays, 10G ethernet might be considered a bottleneck for large amounts of data streaming. For example, if you wanted to stream a video file with 10G ethernet. 10G ethernet is able to support 8K video with 30 fps and 12 bits color range. It is the full load of 10G. If you want to go far more than that such as streaming 8K video with 60 fps and 12 bits color range. It means that you transfer speed at least 23 Gbps which 10G ethernet cannot support. 


Therefore, considering upgrading from 10G to 25G is the best choice for now. Due to the rise of demand in the streaming market, it is a wise way to support demand with less cost to upgrade equipment from 10G to 25G. Simply said by changing the transceiver and cable. It cannot compare to changing the whole system.

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