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October 2016
[NVMe-IP] NVMe-IP enables FPGA system to directly connect NVMe SSD without CPU support!!
[ NVMe IP core ] Directly connect NVMe SSD without CPU!! 2601MB/sec by Gen3!!
NVMe IP core enables FPGA system to directly connect NVMe SSD without CPU support. Ultimate high speed storage application is now on your hand! Xilinx Kintex UltraScale (KCU105) and Altera Arria 10 SX SoC support PCIe Gen3 and able to achieve compact ultra high-speed system.

More information for Xilinx
More information for Altera
Watch Xilinx KCU105 demo Watch Altera Arria 10 SX demo

Advantage of NVMe IP core
NVMe IP core interfaces Ultra high-speed PCIe SSD without CPU or external memory. It is the best solution for applications which require ultra high-speed.

NVMe IP core supports M.2. storage. It achieves compact ultra high-speed data recording system.

Reduce Cost and Time!!
NVMe IP core includes reference design. It helps you to reduce develop time and cost. Free evaluation files are available for you to check the performance on real board before purchasing the core.
NVMe IP Presentation for Xilinx NVMe IP Presentation for Altera

Performance of NVMe IP core Video Clip on Youtube
[ NVMe IP ] 2601MB/sec on KCU-105 with Gen3!!
Reach to the best performance of PCIeSSD!!
The result of transmission test on KCU-105(Gen3) with Samsung 950Pro, Achieves Read = 2601MB/sec and Write = 1540MB/sec

Watch the demo on Youtube

[ NVMe IP] PCIe Gen3 on Arria 10 SX FPGA Kit
Support Arria 10 SX SoC the latest device from Altera!!
Read = over 2200MB/sec, Write = over 1500MB/sec!! You can evaluate the performance before purchasing!!

Watch the demo on Youtube
High-Performance and Small Resource
  • Write = over 1.2GB/sec, Read = over 2.2GB/sec
  • Core size 482Slice/559DFF(Xilinx), 628ALM/923DFF(Altera)
  • Free evaluation before purchasing
  • Free Reference design with IP core
APS IP Presentation for Xilinx APS IP Presentation for Altera

News / Event
[Altera] DesignGateway joins "Intel SoC Developer Forum (ISDF)" in Tokyo
DesignGateway joins "Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF)" in Tokyo on Tuesday 1st November 2016. For more detail, please visit ISDF page (Japanese). We will show NVMe-IP, SATA-IP and TOE10G-IP on Arria 10 SX SoC board.

More information here

[Xilinx] NVMe IP and SATA IP support Avnet Mini-ITX board!!
NVMe-IP and SATA-IP core can work on Avnet Zynq-7000 Mini-ITX board. You can evaluate these IP cores on the board before purchasing IP core.

About Mini-ITX board (

More information about NVMe-IP

More information about SATA-IP

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