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November 2016
[TOE10G-IP] 10GbE TCP/IP Stack Implementation By All HW Logic without CPU
10GbE TCP/IP Stack Implementation By All HW Logic without CPU
10GbE TCP Offloading Engine(TOE10G-IP) IP core is the epochal solution implemented without CPU. Usually TCP processing is complicated and needs expensive high-end CPU. Because TOE10G-IP core automatically takes over all functions of TCP/IP protocol which needs high-speed operation by hardware logic only. This IP product includes reference design which helps you to reduce development time. DesignGateway provide demo file for Xilinx/Altera FPGA boards. You can evaluate TOE10G-IP core on real board before purchasing.

More information for Xilinx
More information for Altera
Xilinx KC705 Demo on Youtube Altera Arria 10 SX Demo on Youtube
Advantages of TOE10G IP
Fully hard-wired TCP/IP protocol control!!
Possible to build CPU-less network system and Zero load for CPU

Support Full Duplex!!
Over 1200MByte/sec real transfer speed for half-duplex and over 960MByte/sec real transfer speed for full-duplex.

Support Multi-Session
Total Performance is still kept 10Gbps!!
TOE10G-IP core is compact resource. It achieves multi-session by implementing multiple cores in FPGA. Total performance does not drop even the number of sessions increases.
Max. 55 Sessions can be implemented in KCU105(XCKU040-2FFVA1156E)!!

Reduce Cost and Time!!
TOE10G IP core includes reference design. It helps you to reduce develop time and cost. Free evaluation files are available for you to check the performance on real board before purchasing the core.

TOE10G IP Presentation for Xilinx TOE10G IP Presentation for Altera
TOE10G IP is adopted on "Data Acquisition Platform" for Scientific research inspection equipment produced by FEI.

Performance of TOE10G IP core Video Clip on Youtube
[ TOE10G IP ] Over 1200MB/sec on KC705!!

Xilinx KC705 Demo on Youtube

[ TOE10G IP] Over 960MB/sec with Full Duplex on Arria 10 SX!!

Altera Arria 10 SX Demo on Youtube
TOE1G IP for 1Gbit Ethernet
All Pure Hardware Logic "TOE1G IP"
  • TCP/IPプロトコルの1GbE送受信対応
  • 全二重通信(Full Duplex)対応
  • 実機で購入前に評価可能
  • リファレンスデザインが標準添付
TOE1G IP Presentation for Xilinx TOE1G IP Presentation for Xilinx


NVMe IP and SATA IP support Avnet Mini-ITX board!!
NVMe-IP and SATA-IP core can work on Avnet Zynq-7000 Mini-ITX board. You can evaluate these IP cores on the board before purchasing IP core.

About Mini-ITX board (

More information about NVMe-IP

More information about SATA-IP

Date: 8 - 11 November 2016
Place: Messe Munchen

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