UDP over 100GbE?

UDP is a protocol for time critical more than a complete amount of data, as per the protocol is still the same no matter speed is. Thus, why do we need that much speed as 100 gigabit ethernet. It might not be necessary for home use but it could for small businesses up to the factory.


Live Stream with High Quality sources

We cannot deny that entertainment is a huge business and the technology to support this industry has skyrocketed in this decade such as 8K cameras with 60 frame rate and yet high colour depth (10 bits). It consumes gigantic bandwidth when streaming the content over the internet. Because there is not only one camera in the studio in the event or concert. According to the camera’s specification above, it needs at least 25 gigabit ethernet multiplied by the number of cameras to gather all the video source from those cameras before broadcast to TV.


Apart from live streaming, UDP can be used in the entertainment industry in other ways. UDP is used in the RoCE Protocol. How does RoCE involve the entertainment industry? RoCE stands for RDMA over Converged Ethernet. RDMA is Remote Direct Memory Access. RDMA is created to access memory or data with less workload of CPU on server. Therefore, the CPU on the server can be used on other tasks. However, it does not satisfy customers due to its limitation which is that RDMA allows one connection at a time. For example, computer A accesses memory of computer B or in the opposite way. Therefore, RoCE solves this problem by using UDP/IP to allow more connections to access memory on the server. Now, there are no problems when using RoCE to access footage of movies directly from the server in order to view or to edit. 

RoCE can be used in other industries by using the benefit of accessing the data on the computer cluster to process the output. For instance, two data analytic teams of mobile service provide access to the poll of why people change to the other service provider in order to create different promotions to influence people to stay using their service. The more team means more product to attack a specific target that could be more than one.


As you can see after reading through this article, UDP on 100 gigabit ethernet itself can benefit only a task that timing is a crucial issue more than entire data such as live streaming with high definition camera of an event or a concert. However, it is a background technology of RoCE that speed up the task that many people access the same data from various area in order to process it. if you are interested in UDP 100G. please visit https://dgway.com/UDP-IP_X_E.html