Super Low Latency UDP 10G Receiver

When it comes to communication over the internet, the protocol that normally people are thinking about would not have been far more just TCP or UDP. Now, how to decide which protocol is suitable for your project. Let us look at the properties of each protocol in short brief. TCP is reliable but slow due to handshake which is a process to confirm when sending or receiving data. On the other hand, UDP is lossy but fast because just sending or receiving as per the request without confirmation (handshake) as TCP.

Example of application for UDP

There are many applications which are using UDP as a protocol. A good example of UDP application is movie streaming services. Why do they use UDP for streaming services? , the data that comes along with the packet is video, sound and video control signal. Therefore, if packets drop, the result would be the lack of picture and/or sound but it is not vital. On the other hands, if the data is money’s transaction, it would crucially effect to our life.

How to use UDP in FinTech

Other Example of UDP is in Finance industry, specially trading market. In ages ago when we can trade only through Marketing, it is hard to get profit for mass people. When the internet has arisen, trading is accessible for a huge number of people. The funding has seen it as opportunities. Then, they make an effort to use the advantage of the internet by building a machine that can trade by algorithm involving internet protocol depends on each market, mostly is UDP. A simply algorithm is obtain a broadcast UDP price data packet from market, then sending selling or buying order.

How LL effect to FinTech

As the technology has developed, so does the hardware. Low latency has taken an important role in many industries such as FinTech. When the algorithm on the trading’s machine cannot overcome other competitors to make profit due to similarity of algorithm, they try to find the solution to still profitable in the market. Otherwise, it means the dead-end of them. Then, the factor that comes up is the latency time. When receiving broadcast price and sending the buying or selling order faster than the other competitors, it means a chance to make profit in the market.

Compare our IP to competitor

There are a few factors that our UDP10GRxIP are far more beneficial to customer than other competitors in the market. First, latency time is the key component which our IP-core is solid in the market. Second to mention is a protocol provided with IP-core. We equip UDP/IP stack with IGMP core in order to do a multicasting on the network. Our IP-core is targeting on FinTech and multicasting application or just simple UDP application which require and low latency in the network.


Summarize UDP protocol is rapid but vulnerable. It suit for an application focusing on speed and quantity of packet, just like streaming video. It also fit to FinTech as well, due to its ability to process packet in a second. Therefore, the customer will ensure to benefit because they reach to the data in the first place in the market. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit us via