Super low latency TOE 10G IP (TOE10GLL)

When data needs to be transferred over the internet, the standard protocol that normally use is TCP or UDP. We already illustrate UDP in the previous article. In this article, we will introduce TOE10GLL, which is TCP/IP stack, and the effect when combining it with Low-Latency EMAC.

Why TCP transmission with very low latency required?

The advantage of TCP is the handshake procedure. It ensures that data arrives at the destination. Even if the data is lost, it automatically retransmits itself. Despite the profit of TCP, it also has the drawback which needs to be considered. The drawback is the period of time to confirm data arrival at the destination, which UDP has no confirmation procedure. This issue can be better by using Low-Latency EMAC to speed up the handshake procedure. Then, customers can keep the benefit of TCP while speed is competitive to UDP.

What is TOE10GLL?

TOE10GLL is an IP-core which performs as an TCP/IP stack combining with Low-Latency EMAC. TCP/IP stack is responsible for open port, close port, encrypt data in TCP/IP form and handshake during transfer data. Normally, It can send data within 6.2 ns and receive data within 46.5 ns, excluding latency time which happened from EMAC. TOE10GLL supports EMAC from Design Gateway and FPGA manufacturers.  

Application of TOE10GLL


Fintech is the shining star industry for now. Most of them depend on communication between Trading Venue and investors over the internet. Investors, Trading Machines or brokers receive broadcast current price. After a minute of thinking whether to buy or to sell, the selling or buying order is sent out. The order relies on TCP protocol with financial protocol encryption. If the order can reach the venue faster than the others due to low latency. It is an opportunity to make profit.

   Remote surgery (telesurgery)

The definition of remote control is to control a machine or apparatus from a distance. So, remote surgery(telesurgery) is the surgeon that manipulates the machine from the other surgery operation site. It needs feedback due to the precision and the most carefulness control when the surgeon performs the operation. Therefore, it absolutely requires an TCP/IP to control equipment because of the handshake property of TCP/IP for precise maneuver. Moreover, low latency helps the TCP/IP stack more powerful because it can do the handshake in a short period of time. The result is operation can be performed as the surgeon does it themself. Even Though, surgeon  

   Entertainment & E-sport

Believe it or not, When it comes to entertainment & E-sport, people would think that it does not affect their life. However, during the spread out of covid-19, the sales of entertainment and E-sport has skyrocketed. Therefore, we should know the technology behind this industry. A shooting game online is a good example. When moving a mouse to aim at enemies, players need an accuracy and short response. Both features are in TCP/IP and low latency respectively.

Compare to competitor

This section will compare TOE10GLL with other competitors in two aspects which are latency time and size.

Latency time

The most important factor in TOE10GLL is latency time which will illustrate the comparison in the table below.

The result is superb. As you can see in the table, our latency in the transmitting path is 3 times faster than our competitor and 2 times quicker in receiving path. Additionally, this test is using packet size 32 bytes.


The result is in the table above. The clock domain (frequency) and the speed are quite the same but what we are amazed at is the amount of Logic and memory. The amount of Logic of our IP-core is close to 5 times smaller than other IP providers and memory consumes 3 times less than the competitor.

Target platform

TOE10GLL is targeted on two FPGA manufacturers which are Xilinx and Intel. There are example designs on ZCU102 of Xilinx and Arria 10 GX of Intel. Please check from the link below.


TCP/IP stack is used in many applications because of its reliability. However, it is slow due to the handshake process which makes it reliable. This issue can be reduced by using Low-Latency. TOE10GLL is applied for various applications, such as Fintech, Remote surgery and varied applications. There are other competitors, who have TCP/IP stack IP-core, in the market. So, we compare TOE10GLL in two major aspects which are latency time and size. TOE10GLL shows a better result. Moreover, Design Gateway provides TOE10GLL in two mainstream FPGA manufacturers which are Xilinx and Intel. For more information, please visit us at