AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) IP Cores

Data is the most important and sensitive information, especially in some perspectives such as the military. Therefore, people need something to protect it. In the past, the secure marker was used to prevent data on the paper. Nowadays, we use algorithms to protect data on the computer.

What is AES?

AES is an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data from unauthorized people to access the data. It was developed many years ago to replace old algorithms due to the advance of technology in the present. There are three kinds of AES, which are AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. The number after AES refers to the amount of bit of secret key to encrypt and decrypt data. The large number of bits means higher security. Furthermore, Brute-force attack is practically almost impossible. However, it must trade off with latency time to encrypt and decrypt.

AES uses symmetric encryption which means sender and receiver use the same key to encrypt and decrypt, unlike an asymmetric algorithm. Asymmetric algorithm uses two secret keys to encrypt and decrypt which are called public key and private key depending on who is sender or receiver.

AES is using ‘substitution-permutation’ to encrypt information. To encrypt information, users prepare data or information, which is later called Plaintext, and the secret key. Then, input them to software or hardware. After the process, users will receive encrypted information which is called Cihpertext.


AES is suited for storing data on devices, database encryption and many applications. As the security of data has been rising up these days, some manufacturers have integrated an encryption and decryption algorithm to guarantee the safety of customer’s data. A good example is portable harddisk with AES’s hardware inside.


AES is an algorithm to protect your data from a hacker. It could protect your data from brute-force attacks. It depends on the length of your secret keys. AES provides three lengths of secret keys which are 128, 192 and 256 bits. The longer the secret key is, the safer your data are. Most applications for AES are offline encryption and decryption such as storage data on a harddisk.

Design Gateway’s AES IP Core series

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