Beyond 100G TCP Offload Accelerator: A Blend of Versatility, Performance, and Resource Efficiency

Accelerate 100G/200G TCP performance in your application with our next-generation TCP Offload Engine (TOE) IP Core technology, purpose-built for the diverse needs of network acceleration without sacrificing performance or efficiency in resource usage.

Introducing TOE100G-ADV: Your Key to High-Performance TCP Acceleration

Our new TOE100G-ADV delivers unmatched flexibility and performance for edge & cloud workloads:

  • Versatility & Compatibility Built-In:
    • High performance CPU interfaces with 512bit AXI4-ST and Avalon-ST support
    • Byte-alignment for TCP payload support
      To ensure versatility & compatibility, future prove growth alongside your network application.
  • Blazing performance: With up to 4 TCP sessions in 1 IP, offering optimal speed for 100G TCP communication, maximizing data throughput up to 12GB/s for Edge and up to 10GB/s for Client & Server application.
  • Resource usage efficient: Seamlessly integrates with host processors for full hardware acceleration, freeing up valuable CPU resources for your core applications with minimal resource usage for maximize performance.

100G TCP Offload Applications:

Discover the transformative potential of High Performance TCP Offload Acceleration in these high-impact usage scenarios:

1. Ultra-fast General TCP Acceleration: Dramatically enhance edge & cloud application layer performance by offloading TCP/IP processing to dedicated to TOE100G-ADV, easy to incorporate with CPU/OS for any TCP application.

2. Robust & Versatile Solutions for Edge & Cloud: Implement high-performance & full hardware-accelerated 100G/200G TCP communication in your application using TOE100G-ADV. Plus, in tandem with our AES-GCM or TLS1.3 IP Core, safeguarding your sensitive data in any environment.

Design Gateway’s TOE100G-ADV IP Core offering:

  • High performance processor interface: 512bit AXI4-ST or Avalon-ST interface with 8-bit alignment
  • Up to 4 TCP Sessions: for optimal TCP transmission speed with network infrastructure
  • Configurable TCP Buffer: Up to 1MB
  • Optimal performance: ~10GB/s for Cloud and ~12GB/s for Edge
  • Optimal Resource usage: ~7,200CLB for AMD FPGA

Learn more about TOE100GADV-IP Improvement & Comparison with TOE100G-IP

Our latest TCP offload engine solution is designed for blazing-fast data transfer rates. This FPGA-based IP Core effortlessly achieves 100Gigabit Ethernet line rates, even with CPU-based endpoints.

Discover how to effortlessly integrate TOE100GADV-IP into your network and transform its performance.

Our introduction delves into the advantages of multi-session support, the standard AXI4 stream user interface, and the flexibility it brings to high-throughput network environments. Perfect for applications ranging from DMA engines to network traffic analyzers, TOE100GADV-IP is your key to competitive network infrastructure.

Explore our demonstration results and see how TOE100GADV-IP maintains exceptional throughput in various setups.

The Future is Even Faster: TOE200G-ADV

Anticipate the next leap forward! Development is underway for TOE200G-ADV, delivering 2x the performance for unprecedented levels of cloud connectivity.

Want to Experience the Difference?

Visit our website or contact us directly for details, product demos, and how our TCP Offload solutions can enhance your cloud applications.

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