Industrial Applications use cases for AES-GCM 100G IP Core

The AES256-GCM IP core is a solution that applies the advanced encryption standard (AES) with a 256-bit key in Galois/Counter Mode (GCM). This mode is commonly utilized for Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) applications. This Encryption and FPGA IP Core is vital for industrial applications necessitating secure communication access with high performance and low latency, a feat that cannot be accomplished by a CPU alone.

Robotic Application: Secure Command and Control 

In a robotic system, an FPGA can be used to implement AES-GCM to secure the command and control communications. For instance, in a factory setting, robotic arms receive commands from a central controller. To prevent unauthorized commands or eavesdropping, the commands are encrypted using AES-GCM before transmission. The robotic arm, equipped with an FPGA implementing AES-GCM, decrypts the commands upon receipt. This ensures that only authorized commands are executed, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the system.

Satellite Communication: Secure Data Transmission 

In satellite communication, data security is paramount. The AES-GCM IP Core on FPGA can be implemented to encrypt data before it is transmitted to the satellite constellation network or the ground station.

For example:

1) Map/Terrain/Weather satellites gather atmospheric information and secure it with AES-GCM encryption prior to transmission. The receiving ground station, outfitted with an FPGA that employs AES-GCM, deciphers the data in real-time at a throughput of 100~200 Gbps. This guarantees the secrecy and integrity of the conveyed data, thwarting unauthorized intrusion and alteration.

High bandwidth & secure space-to-ground communication

2) Communication/Internet satellites necessitate high-bandwidth and low-latency communication throughout a mesh constellation network. Each intercommunication link can attain speeds of 100Gbps or more by utilizing AES-GCM on FPGA. This ensures confidentiality, data integrity, and protection against side-channel attacks, all while maintaining high-speed communication.

Satellite mesh constellation network

Medical Equipment: Patient Data Protection 

In the medical equipment, the privacy and security of patient data are of utmost importance. AES-GCM, a reliable and proven encryption method, is used to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of patient data, adhering to data protection regulations. An FPGA can be employed to gather medical image data in real-time, in conjunction with an AES-GCM IP core, to secure both stored and transmitted data. For example, in a digital imaging system such as an MRI or CT scanner, the data from the patient’s scan is encrypted using AES-GCM prior to being stored or sent to a viewing station. The viewing station, which is equipped with an FPGA that implements AES-GCM, then decrypts the data for display.

Privacy & security of patient’s medical image data

Virtual Private Networks: Enhancing IPSec/VPN Encryption

In the sphere of secure private network applications, AES-GCM emerges as a key player in IPSec/VPN encryption. It guarantees that data transmitted over the network is kept confidential and secure, thwarting unauthorized access and preserving data integrity. Notably, at a 100G data rate, which is unattainable by a Crypto Engine on a CPU, the AES-GCM 100G IP Core on an FPGA presents itself as the ideal solution.

Highly secure private Network

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